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Would Drama, fly from here, heaven & earth etc been better with Jon Anderson singing?

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    My answer is no. Drama was different and unique and stands on its own as a fine product.

    Fly and Heaven needed alot of rework IMO no matter who the singer is


      Originally posted by Gilly Goodness View Post
      The whole scenario was so left field. Wonder if Jill Sinclair and Lane got together. Business wise.???
      Perhaps we'll gain some insight when Horn's memoir is released in October.

      My hunch is they all knew what was goin' on. YES had not used outside writers before. Sharin' management helped.
      They really had no idea until they were in yes


        Originally posted by cjreyes View Post
        No. He would have messed up Drama and FFH, definitely.
        I think the question was: what if Jon had been simply hired as a guest vocalist, with no role in songwriting or arranging (the way Kim Bacon was hired as vocalist for Banks' "A Curious feeling")?

        Honestly, I don't think Drama would have been better. Horn sings very well. Of course, Jon is a better singer, so maybe Drama would have been marginally better (like 5% better?) But Drama is already amazing, so can someone make the amazing even more amazing? 😄

        FFH: well, Benoit David does a great impression of Trevor Horn on that one, so again, Anderson would have made it 5% better... But this one is not amazing, it's good. 😆

        The real question: what if Jon was the singer on "The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be"? 😉