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Try to make a Yes concert you'd like from your 5 least favourite Yes albums

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    From Tormato, Big Generator, The Ladder, Open Your Eyes, and KTA1 I would enjoy a set list consisting of:

    Release Release
    New Languages
    Nine Voices
    Final Eyes
    Shoot High, Aim Low
    Be The One
    Open Your Eyes
    Universal Garden
    That, That Is
    On The Silent Wings of Freedom


      Originally posted by Ash Armstrong View Post
      I can't.
      I don't like any of the Rabin albums so I wouldn't want to hear them live. I've no interest in any of the music on Open Your Eyes or Heaven and Earth either. It's not that they're Yes albums I'm less keen on but I'm still a fan of because they're Yes albums; I'm not a fan of albums I don't like. I just don't care to hear them.
      So that’s 3 Rabin/Yes albums plus, and you don’t like a single song? Wow, and I thought I was hard to please...


        My least favorite albums are Union, Open Your Eyes, Big Generator, KTA2 and Talk. (I don't include the last 2 albums because I don't know them enough, I only listened two times or so. ABWH would be included, but it's not a Yes album, in my opinion.)

        So... My set would include:

        -The More We Live, Holding On and Miracle of Life from Union (the only songs I can listen to on that one... I do love the intro to Silent Talking, but not the vocal bit.)
        -Mind Drive from KTA2;
        -Big Generator and Love Will Find a Way from BG;
        -Universal Garden and Loveshine from OYE;
        -I am Waiting and Endless Dream from Talk.

        (Not in that order, I'm too lazy to actually make a setlist.) I'm not sure how long the show would be...