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Yes related mentions and news in unrelated places

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    Yes related mentions and news in unrelated places

    I'm not aware of a thread like this on this site yet. Just a place for any random mentions of Yes in unrelated news articles or interviews...

    I just came across this tidbit from Pat Mastelotto in his excellent joint discussion about creativity with Trey Gunn and André Cholmondeley (Steve Howe's guitar tech) on the Make Weird Music YouTube channel...

    "It was insane when we did the Mr. Mister Pull record, we brought in a librarian to help us keep track because you have to make stem mixes, you know, you have to make sub mixes as you go and then when you get closer to done you want to pull out the real stuff but you've got to find your way back to it after you've done edits. And (...) Paul had just been working with Yes on Big Generator and he was laughing because we had, I don't know what, ten feet of tape reels. He said 'Yes had a whole truck of those tape reels and they were speding a week looking back for background vocals that they'd just end up re-singing because they couldn't find the ones they did six months ago in Italy."

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