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    This was a favorite of mine from the Old Yesfans Site.


    I have no idea if this is the correct place for this.....But, It's based upon the creation of lyrics based upon your input.

    Great fun when you're bored.
    Give It A Try!!
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    Happily Waldo gently

    (Dedicated to Jackson Pollock, from Banksy.)

    Hearing through friendly land
    Going home
    Leaving about Zongo
    Khatru leaving from Zongo
    We can be timely
    From white candle
    Dreaming lightly because of fond heart
    Giving in
    To see between chez nous
    Around friendly an island
    Lightly through the world
    Man could never be friendly
    Gate might be through Zongo
    To endure
    Gently to the inside
    Being towards happy gate
    Brightly we softly
    Arabia is going to be wonderful
    Edge seeming at Zongo
    Singing at False Birds


    There is some editing you might want to do IF you give it a try......But the result is worth it.
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      Solid warm Doorway
      (Dedicated to Elmer F., from Bugs B.)

      Sky is going to be towards Mars
      To experience opposite the ocean
      Through fond the seven seas
      Easily seeming Doorway
      Elon Musk always will be giving slowly
      At shining Doorway
      To endure
      Warm fond universe
      User should have been happily slow
      Around shining an island


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        Forming quickly in timely Siberian Khatru
        (Dedicated to Koontz, from King.)

        Hearing hopefully because of solid harp
        Loving up the ocean
        Inside clear Rome
        River leaving saying
        Hades could be glowing
        Feeling near Siberian Khatru
        To feel
        Pluto can sometimes be warm
        To kiss because of The Garden of Geda
        To stand
        Saying opposite temple
        Sound Siberian Khatru
        Loving going to planet
        From wonderful planet
        Asking on gate


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          Dedicated to all good people, from the heart.

          hopefully endlessly
          Hoping holding
          To the soul of the moonrise

          Heaven forever will be clear
          Slowly friend, you are there

          Happily sliding from
          Holding nearing sound

          Stars meaning lovingly near cherished light

          Olias always is meeting colourfully
          Olias cannot be creating swiftly
          Shining light energy
          Of the stars, of the Earth
          Leaving gently under light
          Stars from within, warm Seaside

          Olias might beyond the Stars
          Colourfully touching Stars

          And as the night became
          Music asking

          light begins anew