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50 Genuinely Horrible Albums by Brilliant Artists

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    Originally posted by Ash Armstrong

    I was disappointed the aborted ABWH tracks weren't included on a bonus disc with the reissue of the first ABWH album. I have an unofficial CD though. I really like Take the Water to the Mountain as it is. I've got a CDR I put together years ago that sequences it with Nine Voices. Works nicely together.
    There was a rights argument over ABWH re-issues, as I understand it, with Anderson and Ayling putting out something, then the others disputing their right to do that and a quick re-release from Esoteric in response. This left no time to dig into possible bonus tracks, where Howe clearly has material available.


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      Originally posted by bondegezou

      Black Moon, of course, being the only ELP album to have a Yes member writing for it.
      As well as regular Trevor Rabin cohort and film composer Mark Mancina writing one as well.