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    I still like it. But, ideally, I hope for more harmonies and some more grit in the next one. Nevertheless, I still now play, and enjoy The Quest.


      Originally posted by Susanne View Post
      I still like it. But, ideally, I hope for more harmonies and some more grit in the next one. Nevertheless, I still now play, and enjoy The Quest.
      With a bit more grit, maybe YES could create
      "The Pearl"?

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      Steve Howe says of the new album "The Pearl",
      "It is a concept album about how beauty and balance can be found in the most unusual places. Look at Ukraine and how the brave people are fightin' back. How marine life is returnin' to our rivers since plastics have been banned. Even the Great Barrier Reef is growin'again. So it is a lesson for us all that no matter the circumstances that mindfulness can triumph over doubt and despair."

      Available in all formats and on all streamin' services.
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        Well... I like it better than Heaven and Earth.


          Originally posted by madbear View Post
          It's gone on the shelf with all my other Yes discs, but it's not going to be listend too when there are so many ther so much better Yes album and bootlegs out there.
          My take as well.

          Except, I know I will always give it at least 1 run through a year, but probably the instrumental disc.


            I still really enjoy the album. I’m glad it was made. Worth the price of admission for The Ice Bridge, Leave Well Alone, The Western Edge, and A Living Island. Honorable mentions to all the other songs except for Mystery Tour, which is truly the only “bonus track” on the album.

            For the next album I hope there are more traditional Yes vocal harmonies and not any Howe lead vocals or duet vocals. I don’t mind it on his solo albums and it didn’t bother me all that much on The Quest, but I still would prefer to not have Steve ever singing lead on a Yes album.

            And more keyboard solos please!


              Originally posted by Ceasar’s Palace View Post

              Imagine saying that about, for instance The Ladder!
              Pots and pans would be all over the place, Hep Yada!!


                I still like The Quest a lot.

                My favorite songs when it came out were "The Ice Bridge", "Minus the Man", and "A Living Island".

                In the time since, I think "The Western Edge" has made it's way into that group, and possibly even edges out "Minus the Man" as the third favorite among my top four (Or at least almost does). I love the concept and many of the lyrics from "Minus the Man", which is why it became an early favorite, and the melody is pretty good as well, but over time that it orchestras when it should be rocking (IMO) has kind of been slowly (but only mildly) picking at me.

                Meanwhile, "The Western Edge" jumps out as a more complete package with a bit more rock and roll, and also some superb vocals from both Davison and Sherwood. It's funny, because the very first time I listened to the full album, I remember the song jumping out at me in a good way because it was the first song in track order that featured Sherwood's vocals prominently- and I like his singing in general. However, at the time, I guess I thought that first impression was just based on what the tracks before it didn't feature, and liking having that element back in the mix, but over time I've really come to realize its just a good song that also stands out in big shuffle groups with thousands of songs by various artists.

                Yes is a band that has put out a ton of good to great albums, so its easy for an album that is good but not an all-time classic to rank fairly lowly when we just have all the albums in front of us and try to see where it lands relative to the other ones. I think I could put it as high as 14 out of 21, which is actually a very impressive showing considering what its up against. The lowest I think I'd rank it would be 18 out of 21, which, still, is not bad.

                I'm glad the group finally got back into their studios and gave us a full album of new Yes music. It's heartening to hear that the next album is complete or almost complete, and I am hopefully they'll be an announcement sometime soon.

                As to where I've like to see the band evolve to, of course more rock and roll is one area. It gets mentioned a lot by folks, but that's because it's true- the peak Yes albums were a bit harder and heavie here and there.

                it'd also be nice to see the band intentionally go for something like "Machine Messiah", "Tempus Fugit", "Owner of a Lonely Heart", "Leave It", "It Can Happen", "Our Song", "Love Will Find a Way", or "Rhyhm of Love" on the next album. Not as the whole album, but just a song or two, the way Chicago's latest album threw fans of the 80s power ballads a bone with "Someone Needed Me the Most" (Which is a great song!) even though that isn't really what the current band sees as their primary creative identity anymore.

                If it would help Steve and Geoff any, they could think of it as doing a Yes song that's like "Heat of the Moment", "Sole Survivor", "Wildest Dreams", or "Here Comes the Feeling". . Maybe that would be a good framework for Steve. He appears to think there is this huge chasm between the way he plays guitar and the way Trevor Rabin plays guitar that contributes to Yes not performing the songs in concert and not making new ones in that vein. Steve was the man (Well, one of four star players- such is the nature of being in a supergroup) for Asia during the 80s and wrote and played many of those guitar parts, though. To me, a couple of those type of songs written fresh as Yes originals for Davison and Sherwood to sing would be close enough to a YesWest nod to count. It could be how Steve played guitar for Asia in the 80s rather than how Trevor played for Yes in the 80s (Sort of a recreation of a historical what-if) if that's what gets it done.

                Of course, in theory, Steve, Geoff, and Billy could be saving the Asia type songs for a future Asia album, if they ever decide to do one.

                I don't think they'll revisit that era's style on new albums with Steve in the band, but the first couple songs I mentioned, from Drama, could serve as inspiration for something at some point I'd we're lucky

                Within reason, I'm looking forward to a new Yes album regardless of what direction the guys go in, though. I love Yes. I love getting new studio Yes albums. I'll certainly give whatever they might come up with a chance even if it's not the direction I'd have chosen for it.
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                "A lot of the heavier conversations I was having with Chris toward the end were about his desire for this thing to go forward. He kept reiterating that to me. [...] He kept telling me, 'No matter what happens, Yes needs to continue moving forward and make great music. So promise me that that's something you want to do.'. And I have to keep making music. It's just what I do. [...] I'm a fan of the band and I want to see it thrive and that means new music." -Billy Sherwood


                  I really enjoyed my first listen to The Ice Bridge. I still like it, but hearing the original TV theme took it down a notch.


                    Is the orchestra just on Dare To Know and Minus The Man? I can't hear it on Leave Well Alone.


                      Originally posted by Davy View Post
                      Is the orchestra just on Dare To Know and Minus The Man? I can't hear it on Leave Well Alone.
                      It's on "LWA" too.


                        It has a more laid back sound, yeah, and for some tracks it works but while for some it doesn't. "Future Memories" and "A Living Island" uses their laid back nature really really well while "Dare to Know" or "Minus the Man" would've benefited more from being their tempo-boosted, in my opinion. Those two needed more grit, I'd agree. "The Ice Bridge" and "Leave Well Alone" are very good being those proggy and less laid back tracks (even if Steve trying to do a second "Würm" on the latter is a bit jarring). "Mystery Tour" and "Music to my Ears" are pretty fun tracks (Yes, the first time you'll hear someone enjoy the former.) and "The Western Edge" has that great Billy touch. "Sister Sleeping Soul" and "The Damaged World" I'd say are the weakest tracks as they never attracted my attention, especially the second one as I'm not a huge fan of Steve singing as lead.

                        Band performance wise, I'd say the band does a great job with the sound they're going for. Really loved Davison's vocals on the album and he's the one that is the most consistently enjoyable on the album, for me. Billy does a great job at bass, albeit he's not as good as Chris but he still nails the bass that the songs need. Geoff tries to bring out his A game on the album and his keyboard parts are pretty good, even if sometimes he's a bit buried. Alan's drumming suits the songs very well too but he doesn't shine at his best here (RIP). Steve plays some great lines but he's probably the most inconsistent one here, not to throw him shade or anything he can play well but some of the guitar lines needed a bit more polish, I'd say.

                        Overall, I'd say the album is pretty good with some songs that hold it back from going higher up on my ratings. It's my least fave Yes album which I guess would say how much I like the other ones. Lol. I'd also say that Heaven & Earth is the better album of the two but that's pretty hot of a take from what I've seen. Don't really care as I like both the albums but still.


                          Time to come back to some rocknroll. With Jay Schellen on board and maybe more power to Billy, I hope we get it on the next album...


                            Originally posted by Elizabeth "The Phish" View Post
                            It has a more laid back sound, yeah,. . . .
                            Yeah, this.

                            "Easy listening" Yes. Quite similar in vibe to H&E.


                              Originally posted by pianozach View Post

                              Yeah, this.

                              "Easy listening" Yes. Quite similar in vibe to H&E.
                              Yes, in a sense they are similar, but I would say that The Quest has a lot more going on in the music. It is more akin to Keys to Ascension 2 or The Ladder in terms of having less aggressive sections but still having a lot of depth. H&E was just plain slow and simple in many spots and hasn’t aged well to my ears. The Quest has more vibrant compositions.


                                Originally posted by Sharp On Attack View Post
                                Time to come back to some rocknroll. With Jay Schellen on board and maybe more power to Billy, I hope we get it on the next album...
                                As far as we know, White recorded the drums for the new album, which I'd guess we won't see until 2023.