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Mirror to the Sky- Rating out of 5?

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    Originally posted by Mr. Holland

    It also depends on whether your lowest score for any Yes album is a 1 and the best is a 5 or that you never go below 2.

    On a scale from 1-10 no Yes album gets lower than 3 from me. The 3 is reserved for OYE. So on a scale from 1-5, that would translate to a 1.5. So no Yes album would get a 1 anyhow with me.

    I like the 1-10 scale better than 1-5, because there is more room for difference. Because with a 1-5 scale, all albums that get 5 on the 1-10 scale get a 3 (rounded off) on the 1-5 scale, but so do those that get 6 on a 1-10 scale. So there is less room to distinguish.
    Yeah, for Yes album ratings, I rate them against yes albums….so my favorites get 4-5 and my least would get 1-2. (And agree, a 10 point scale makes it easier for more room between them).

    As a rating for my least favorite yes album vs. say all music, I would not have any below a 3 (ie. A few fall as average, more fall as above average, some fall as the best).


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      Originally posted by Frumious B
      Sometimes when I’m just looking for something to play I’m more likely to choose an album I feel as though I don’t like by an artist that I like. This is because the albums I like have probably been played a bunch where the album I don’t like has been played less. Sometimes I end up picking up new things to enjoy about albums I wrote off years ago. .
      Ha! I do that too! For Yes, I have listened to Union or Open Your Eyes as much as, or more than 90125 or Close to The Edge as a result... and yes, I do find things I like as a result. Worth it, and it kind of keeps me from getting boxed in and closed minded.
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        I've given MttS about 4 listens now- and I would like to have given it 2.5- It is wonderfully produced. Steve has done an amazing job and the production is up there with the best produced yes albums. Im pleased so many people like and enjoy it . There is some great playing from Billy and Steve and Jay- I do feel Geoff is way to far down in the mix. For me its an extension of TQ- similar in style and in many ways starting with the best tracks then slowly diminishing. This albums reflects a happy contented band, the music is nice steady , pleasant, etc. But for me it lacks energy, or perhaps more accurately some functional conflict that generates energised outcomes.


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          3.5... . It is a welcome deviation from The Quest (which now looks a bit worse after this, in a way). The long cuts are plentiful, varied. and seem to be accepted. Fan reaction to the title cut has been very good (we are all very quick and correct about assigning 'best cut' status, a'la Homeworld, Mind Drive, Or Mirror to the Sky. That's funny), and I too think it is complete success (whereas I cannot say the same of Gift of Love, a song I really like). I doubt fans will quibble much about MTTS's status in future years. Steve's westernizms which dot the album were as savvy an idea as the world-music feel of Ladder. A lingering goodness from this album is Downes. There was a bit of attention that he wasn't heard much, and boy, is that wrong. He pops up everywhere. I admit he was a lesser Yes favorite for me personally, and it's different now. Many can solo, blow off the dust, and get dramatic. It strikes me that it's much more of a subtle talent that can consistently shade, background, dapple, enhance, and assist the main, and Downes does this consistently all over the damn place. That's of note. I'd like to suggest this is a more accessible Yes album for a non-fan also, over The Quest or H&E, because the songs are better, because I think people 'right now' are in a good place to absorb a longer song (if exposed), and because this album balances progressive with accessibility very well. (Mature melodies are a big part of the reason, imo, pleez, leave the ballads aside).


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            At 53 votes. Not so many really. We are seeing the results now as 45% view the record as average or worse. Am I interpreting that correctly? Roughly half, with a low sample though.

            Very interesting.


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              It's currently at 3.49 of 141 ratings on Progarchives.
              It's standing better than anything since Drama (3.78) except for Magnification (3.73). Next is og FFH with 3.42.
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