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Alan confirms Yes is working on the follow up to the quest!!!!!

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    Alan confirms Yes is working on the follow up to the quest!!!!!

    Do have any ideas for the next album yet?

    We do, we always have ideas going around, and as soon as we complete one album, we start to think about ideas for the next one, and start sending things to each other and chatting about the next direction. That’s part of what makes being in Yes so exciting, it never stands still.
    Alan White has an enviable pedigree as a drummer.  Having played on John Lennon’s Imagine album, and George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass opus...

    I am excited


    The journey has ended. The journey begins.

    Francis Monkman has been asked to supply a fanfare!

    ( too soon? )


      Yeah, I’m not reading that into what he was saying. Sounds like a standard fare answer to a standard softball question.

      Not excited.

      edit: Meant to say “not reading”.
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        When a steakhouse becomes vegetarian, don't call it a steakhouse anymore. But I'm all for some new vegetarian dishes, as long as it tastes good.


          The way Alan puts it, this could go on for years. I'm still mustering excitement over The Quest anyway.


            Before The Quest they were talking about sharing ideas for a while, but in reality the vast majority of the music came together in a short period.

            Billy and Jon are finalizing Arc of Life 2, and Geoff has been working on a new DBA album.


              My honest hope

              this year's releases
              Arc of Life 2
              Close to the edge box set with bonus disc of outtakes including a finished version of Can I Take you Home
              BBC Box Set (so in essence the third banks album)

              Next Year
              90125 Box Set (with extra disc of the cinema sessions including a Finished version of Time that the second disc of all unreleased material gets released separately as Yes Cinema Sessions)
              Yes Love Forever (the follow up to the Quest but i got tired of calling the next album Go through this so i came with a yessy sounding album title)