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    Glad you survived.
    I guess my story was too obtuse? It goes like this,
    Yes toured Australia in 1973, heard the mythical Charger advertisement, and later ‘borrowed’ it & wrote Sound Chaser.

    (Bang goes another kanga on the bonnet of the van. )


      5 for sure up there with Drama, Close to the Edge and Going For the One. Gates of Delirium is my all time favorite song. I made a video syncing up the '75 live show with the Steve Wilson remix. It is amazing how much of the material was played live verbatim from the studio track (especially Steve).

      Anyway I thought this place would find people who would get a kick out of it.


        5, tied with CTTE as the absolute pinnacle of Yes' discography.


          I am assuming that a 5 is better than a 1. Relayer is exceptional, my favorite Yes album, one I have listened to over and over again. I really like how the band seems unified, everyone working together. The albums with Rick Wakeman seem like Rick is the lead, and the rest of the band are the back ups. 'Rick Wakeman and Yes.' The intensity of Soundchaser is unrivaled, with the incredible guitar solo, which is augmented by the bass starting a thread, rising to meet the lead, and the lead continuing on. Gates Of Delirium captures the true nature of war, which is so often depicted with marching music. People are not marching in the middle of a battle, it is chaos, utter confusion, which the band depicts perfectly. Then, the aftermath of battle, the mists rolling across the field, the questioning "Did I really survive?". And the incredible beauty of Soon, soaring to the heights of enlightenment. To Be Over starts as a round, one of the oldest musical forms, and builds and builds into affirmation; "Don't doubt your part, be ready to be loved." The entire composition seems to be written as one score, so unlike other Yes albums.
          When Yes is the answer, anything is possible.