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Magnification Back On Streaming In US

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  • Magnification Back On Streaming In US

    Not sure if anybody else here noticed, because I certainly did - Magnification is once again on streaming services (Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music) in the US. It's obviously a bit late for me, because I already got two copies to listen to it, but now people can more readily access it if they want to. Magnification was one of those albums that got caught up in legal mumbo jumbo in the US, sort of like Talk - another album I wish was more easily available. It was supposed to come out a day after it did in the UK, which was 9/10/2001 - but obviously the US was more occupied with other things on that day. Before they were able to release it, the publishing company went out of business - which certainly makes for a lot of trouble. But at least it's more easily available in the US now - and now I'm only waiting on Talk and original Fly From Here.

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    Great news, hope Talk will appear soon also
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      great to hear, one of Yes' finest- hugely overlooked
      The Definitive YES Albums

      -The Yes Album-Fragile-Close to the Edge-Tales From Topographic Oceans-
      -Relayer-Going for the One-Drama-90125-Big Generator-Union-Talk-
      -The Ladder-Magnification-Fly From Here-The Quest-Mirror to the Sky-


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        Originally posted by John Vehadija
        Great news, hope Talk will appear soon also
        Yeah that would be the dream but...because I cannot figure out why it isn't, that means it won't. I won't be taking questions at this time. 😜

        However, I'm glad the licensing was renewed for Magnification.
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