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Keystudio- Rating out of 5?

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    Keystudio- Rating out of 5?

    The last classic lineup album release. I always list them as two separate albums, but we're doin em together here- whats your opinion?
    The Definitive YES Albums

    -The Yes Album-Fragile-Close to the Edge-Tales From Topographic Oceans-
    -Relayer-Going for the One-Drama-90125-Big Generator-Union-Talk-
    -The Ladder-Magnification-Fly From Here-The Quest-

    If I could have given it a 3-3/4 out of 5, I would have. So, I rounded up to a 4

    I think I prefer the 10-point and 100-point scales. 5 is just too limited.

    I rate Keystudio more highly than K2A and K2A2 by sheer virtue of it being a studio album, not some sort of funky hybrid.
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      Keys 1 is ok keys 2 is great


        3. If only for hearing Chris in front of the mix again.


          3.75 for me. I would give Keys 1 a 3 and Keys 2 almost 4, but we're doing Keystudio, not either Keys as they were originally, which was bonus stuff on a live album(s).


          Yes returns to 'Classic Yes' format. Fan favorites Howe and Wakeman are back. Some of those classic sounds are back, sounds that had not been heard since the 70's, sounds you didn't even get from ABWH. 'Epic' tracks are back, squiggly moog solos and acoustic Howe intros are back.
          Collects all the Keys studio material under one disc as its own studio album.
          And you can totally hear that classic Chris Squire bass in its full glory again.
          That That Is is musically sublime, despite some lyrics about drive by shootings and crack babies.


          a step down from Talk in production/sound - sounding retro in comparison.
          I may like the original Children Of Light without the intro better than Keystudio version
          Album cover seems like a more colorful Open Your Eyes - mostly just a large Yes logo.
          Tracklist chould have been more effective as:

          1) Mind Drive
          2) Be The One
          3) Footprints
          4) Bring Me To The Power
          5) Children Of Light
          6) That, That Is
          7) Sign Language

          The UGLY:

          the title 'Keystudio'. It just sounds off. Like 'Susudio'. The Keys To Ascension material should be known as Keys To Ascension as its own studio album, or even 'Know'. The live material should be a separate album called 'Live In San Obispo'.
          1997 wasn't the best year for me, Keys and OYE remind me of that era sometimes - but I can still listen to Keys stuff differently these days and enjoy it, though it will never be in my top tier Yes stuff.

          faves: That That Is, Footprints, Bring Me To The Power, maybe Children Of Light.


            TTI, Footprints, CoL are great. For those alone I gave it 4.


              2 stars from me. Al though there is some good stuff there, it seems buried in a patched and cobbled together whole. I think Footprints is the best song on there.


                Only a 2 for me. Very poor album from the classic 5. Children of Light is great. Mind Drive gives me a headache.


                  Keystudio is a compilation, not an album. I give the KTA tracks a 3 and the KTA2 tracks a 4 which averages to 3.5, but I voted 3.
                  “Well ain’t life grand when you finally hit it?”-David Lee Roth


                    I gave it 2 stars. Does nothing for me personally, just sounds thrown together


                      It's either two or it's three, probably three ... let's see:

                      I struggled with these tracks early on because I was unimpressed by the songwriting, especially the vocals/lyrics. I'm more used to them now, so that always helps a bit.

                      The album can't decide what it's called or what its album cover is ...

                      No vinyl edition (no bearing on its rating here but I just can't get around mentioning that) ...

                      Is a really significant moment in the studio career. Retro, they say; others would say return to form (that'd be me).

                      For me it's grown on me a bunch after initially feeling disappointed ... and I really love the moments in it that I love.

                      Gonna say 3 stars.