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    Originally posted by Chris2210 View Post

    You're right - she's as dull as ditch water and I can't reconcile with that either.
    Probably smells of wee as well....
    Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
    Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.


      I don't hate on H+E the way a lot of us do, but I acknowledge that it's a lesser offering in the batch. I so wanted it to give it a 4. To me, a 5 would mean it's one of your favorite Yes albums, a one means you equate it to listening to a cat being shoved snout-first into some sort of dangerous industrial machinery. I vote 3, but would actually give it like 3.85. Here the good, the bad & the ugly:


      Jon Davison is one of the stronger participants on the album.
      Nice melodies, decent enough material, just executed poorly. The songs are fine, but -
      some of the lyrics and melodies are a little sad - there's a sense of nostalgia and longing for more magical days. That's not a bad thing, otherwise I would list it in the BAD category. It's good to listen to a downbeat album here and there. I like Marillion. Steve H and pals don't do happy. But this is the saddest Yes album.


      Wimpy drums
      Wimpy production - just a wispy, papery-thin sound. If Roy Thomas Baker couldn't cut it 1979, why would he produce better results in 2014? Not a bold statement.
      Same tempo, same flat plateau.

      THE UGLY:

      This is the last album with Chris. Unless there's more in the archives, stuff that is usable or that Yes are willing to give us, we'll never hear that voice or beautiful bass sound or songwriting ever again.

      Best songs for me - and I wouldn't mind hearing live - Believe Again, Light Of The Ages, The Game, Subway Walls.


        I do wish people would stop using the word 'hate', as in 'hating on something', which is grammatically jarring as well, against those of us who don't share the same likes and dislikes. It's a form of ostracising, of shunning, of placing others at a comfortable distance from one's self, of marking them as something 'other', to be kept apart.

        Save your hate for something actually worth hating, something that actually matters.
        Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
        Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.


          This one is a 2 for me. “Why not a 1?” you might ask. I figure that if a 1 is the lowest possible score I can give anything then I have to save it for stuff I absolutely detest like the “Life Is A Highway” song, whatever window rattling rap song is blasting with deep bass from a car that just pulled up next to mine at a traffic light, and Winger bootlegs. H&E is a bad record, but it’s better than those things. So it gets a 2.

          “Well ain’t life grand when you finally hit it?”-David Lee Roth


            I gave it a 4 why not a 5 because I dont love it but its quite good


              Only a 2 from me and a generous 2. I never listen to it anymore. A real Dog with fleas