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Going for the One - 2022 remaster+

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    Going for the One - 2022 remaster+

    Last edited by auxfnx; 01-04-2023, 05:11 PM.

    I enjoyed this, but - for my taste - it lacks the bottom end in favour of overbrightening the vocals and guitar. More bass and drums please!


      What did you use for AI stem separation?


        NIce effort and Bravo! Thanks for your work. Any improvement on this glorious album is always a welcomed gift.

        Not that you've asked for it but here is my two cent review...

        Whilst I do hear some sonic clarification, the overall representation still sounds muddy in the middle and low frequencies and too much brilliance on the high end. If you could focus on the bass and drums and tighten them up first, then smooth out the high end on everything else so the frequencies aren't fighting each other, you might find that balance and 'punch' that's sorely lacking from the official mix. Also that middle/high 'swishy' effect that plagues the whole album is still present in your remix. Not sure how you can tackle that.

        GFTO has a lot of transient mids and highs that create a hazy sheen that muddies the entire mix. I think all of that is still lurking in your stems and I'm not sure how one would go about clearing them of those attributes.

        It's so sad the multi-tracks are missing, I believe the audio issues were definitely created in the mixing and mastering stage. Too many competing effects that were not properly thought out at the time. And the lack of compression during the mastering process has always been puzzling to my ears. Most albums from that era sound far more dynamic and clear at all frequencies.

        I've fought with equalizers since 1977 trying to find a way to improve the listening experience and can never get past whatever chorus/flanger/woosh effect that sits on top of the 2 track stereo mix. It translates to all remastered editions I've heard, including yours. Without access to the multi-track reels I believe it may be impossible to truly remix the material until technology evolves to the point that there will be software that can squeeze out stems that are truly isolated and pure sounding.

        That said, your version is a definite step in the right direction. Kudos Patrickq!


          Is there a link to hear this remaster?