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Caped Crusader Collector Club release 4

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  • Caped Crusader Collector Club release 4

    This is what I submitted for the Yescography page:

    Album: The Missing Hammersmith Recording 1985
    Artist: Rick Wakeman
    2022 RRAW
    CD: RWFC004CD

    Caped Crusader Collector Club – Exclusively from the Rick Wakeman Archive

    Release #4

    Digital Audio Archaeology/Mastered by J Hughes

    Musicians (tracks 1-6):
    Rick Wakeman – keyboards
    Rick Fenn – guitars
    Gordon Neville – lead vocals and percussion
    Tony Fernandez – drums
    Chas Cronk – bass

    1. “Catherine Howard”
    2. “The Opera”
    3. “Silent Nights”
    4. “That’s Who I Am”
    5. “Henry Medley” (incorporating: Catherine of Aragon, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard)
    6. “Merlin the Magician”
    Special Bonus Track:
    7. “Return to the Centre of the Earth (demo version, date unknown)

    Comments: (****) Release 4 of the Caped Crusader Collector Club is a companion piece to Rick’s 1985 concert album, “Live At Hammersmith” (recorded May 9, 1985), featuring the same musicians who played on his then-current album, “Silent Nights.” This disc includes three tracks from “Silent Nights” that were not included on “Live At Hammersmith,” plus “Catherine Howard.” Also included is an undated demo recording from “Return to the Centre of the Earth,” but no additional credits are provided for that one.