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What is the mysterious lead keyboard/sythnisiser Patrick plays on Relayer?

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  • What is the mysterious lead keyboard/sythnisiser Patrick plays on Relayer?

    I've searched the web for this and I can't seem to get a satisfying answer, its strange really because its such a core sound on the relayer album.
    What is the lead synth Patrick plays on Relayer... the one with the mod and pitch wheel? For example sound chaser solo here (QPR vide):
    He actually switches between two, not sure they are the same type of keyboard, but the second had two mod/pitch wheels and the first one at least one.

    Images: (might be a different keyboard? from 76 different colour panels and wiring on the back?)

    The list of Patrick's keyboard I have found don't seem to match:

    Hammond C3 organ - nope
    Fender Rhodes 73 and 88 key models - nope
    two String Thing synthesizers - nope - this is a Vox synth I think, and no mod wheel
    Mini-Moog - sounds nothing like a Moog to me, don't look like one. isn't the moog stage right, on top?
    a DC cabinet (?)
    two Mellotrons - nope
    ARP Pro Soloist - a keyboard friend assumed it was this, but again no mod wheel on it
    two RHythm Ace drum machines - nope
    two Binson echo units - nope
    Electronic Slinky (?)​ - don't think so?

    There's also this article from later I think. Again nothing seems to match?

    My friend said he thinks the Oberheim could be the brassy melody sound in war section of Gates?
    But the keyboard in the photos above is not that, as again, the Oberheim looks nothing like it: Video of Patrick's Oberheim:
    There is also a four voice version he has, but isn't the keyboard in question a monophonic one?

    Someone must know?


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    Well, you're right, it's not an ARP Pro Soloist; the rear doesn't match up.

    And definitely not a Rhodes or C3.

    I always assumed he was using a mini-Moog, and, AS IT TURNS OUT, THAT IS WHAT IT IS. He's simply playing without raising the control console.

    Here's the back of a Minimoog: Patrick's is black, and the Minimoog plaque has either been removed, painted over, or it's an earlier model. But all the inputs/outputs match up perfectly.

    Click image for larger version

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      And Patrick's . . . . Click image for larger version

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        this seems to be it, great find
        "We all gotta climb mountains!" - Jon Anderson 2003


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          Nice work there Zach !


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            [QUOTE=oliverday;n52387]….the second had two mod/pitch wheels and the first one at least one…. [ /QUOTE]

            And Patrick also played a custom double Minimoog, see
            It might take me a little while to get there, but give me a minute or two and I’ll make it. I promise. It all started many years ago when I ...

            and google “Moraz double Minimoog” for more.


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              Wow you are right it is a mini-moog, thanks Pianozach.

              I had seen the double-minimoog on a different website but both me and a friend never though it even sounded like a moog to begin with and I am not the only one (if you follow the link above, he agrees in the article). It's not clear on the sound chaser footage but the second keyboard he plays in the solo I think must be the top keyboard of the dual-minimoog. As it is in the same position as the gates battle section footage where you can see both of his hands playing both keyboards at once.

              The sound is nothing like a typical moog to me. There are other factors that threw us off: ie that he had the control panel not fully up (even then my friend thinks it still looks slim for a minimoog) and that the dual-keyboard doesn't have a control panel (t must be out of view on the QPR footage) and as you can see the keyboard does detach from the synth unit in the pictures (on the other website).

              So it seems like he had a single free sanding one on the front, then the double-dual on stage right (on top of another keyboard or a stand?), and also looks like another moog on the top of the rack stage right (not sure where he used this in the set). Most of his moog stuff looks like he played on the dual-minimoog on the QPR gig.
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                There are almost zero pictures in existence of the rare two or three times that Patrick added a kazoo to his arsenal. A mystery in itself with its unique sound. Anyone can play a triangle. ;-)