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Rachmaninoff's Third Piano Concerto

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    Rachmaninoff's Third Piano Concerto

    Will soon be sung with new lyrics by Jon Anderson.
    Accordin' to the wee one in a new podcast Takin' A Walk. * By Buzz Knight.

    Not symphony. Sorry. Seems to be Rach3. The piano concerto.

    He's also written his memoirs. Includes a meetin' with Joe Cocker when Jon was 16.

    And will perform the Richie Havens song on tour.
    No Opportunity Needed.

    Made it clear he thinks only him + the Geeks can do YES epics properly. Meowww 🐱

    * nice use of an apostrophe Buzz. Stay in your Lane. 😉
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    That's one hell of a promotion for his tour with the School of Rock kids in Europe, saying that only him + the Band Geeks can do the Yes epics properly 😉