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    Originally posted by Gilly Goodness View Post
    I love listening to it while flying with noise cancelling headphones. Great album...

    Click image for larger version

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    K-shmitty on his way to see Betsy!!!


    Close! More like B+K going somewhere on vacation together...


      Originally posted by Somis Sound View Post
      This album seems to me like it would have been 10 times better if Squire, Howe, and/or White had contributed. Unlike Fish Out of Water which sounds complete. Olias and some of Steve and Rick's solo albums showed me just how special it is when these guys got together and what happened musically. It's weird how natural and complete Yes music sounds, but when most the guys went solo, the music wasn't even close. Olias is close, but with the guys involved, it could have been so much better. A great example of an uninhibited/edited/produced Jon. His best solo work for sure.
      Yep to all of that .


        I love every inch of it, every fold out sleeve, every bit of texture and quirky typography… and the cover's good too! I like it for maybe the same reasons a lot of people don't — it doesn't quite sound like Yes, it's not a virtuoso musician (but it *is* a virtuoso performance, I think), and a Dean cover would have spoiled it, as that brand has already been established (and for the same reasons, I think it was a mistake for Steve to go with Roger on the solo albums). I can simultaneously understand everyone to hears it as new age twaddle, and yet hear it easily avoiding that crevasse, too. This might sound weird, but I actually think it's one of the *least* pretentious albums in my collection — it's both a struggle for an individual to find the right sounds all on his own, without the backing band, and yet absolutely confident in its path. (I might be a little drunk right now, except no, I've just shovelled two or three feet of snow off the in-laws front and back lanes, so I'm just high on my own endorphins…)

        So it's a 12/10 from me, just one of those few spot-on, perfect albums in my repertoire.


          fabulous album - the best of the co-ordinated solo releases by some distance. It's a beautiful record.

          And the cover and illustrations are streets ahead of RD, sorry.


            I enjoy the album and think the artwork is good, even if the whole thing is very much a product of its own time.

            I think Jon succeeded completely in what he set out to do and that's a good thing.

            I don't think it's the best of the solo albums that were made then - my vote would go to FOOW, with the Story of I coming next but I still listen to it from time to time, having first heard it in around 1988 when I was just getting into Yes. Back in the days when you could go into a second hand vinyl shop and pick up loads of Yes related stuff for next to nothing - at least, compared to the prices today! Ah, those were the days! World Records in Leicester just up from the railway station. Spend loads of my first few wage packets in that shop!

            Ash if you're reading this - were you in Leicester back then and if so do you remember World Records?


              I really enjoy it, it's so very Jon and yet it lives up to the limits of his imagination.
              my labor of love (and obsessive research)


                I think it's a good album, but by no means his best. Song of Seven, Animation and Change We Must come before it for me.