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    Originally posted by True View Post
    Do you know what sort of "level" one must subcribe to in order to have access to something like "The Sun Stealers"? The description of the content for the various levels was a little vague, so I am curious about that.
    "The Sun Stealers" appears to be available at the lowest tier. If you go to the Patreon site, you can see past uploads/activities and, for each, what tier has access to it. But, yes, the whole thing is extraordinarily vague and loosely structured.


      Originally posted by Gtkgasman View Post
      U missed the point as usual. 100 a month or week is pocket spending money for something you want. Not a big deal ......
      It's pocket spending money for some people. Great if you're one of those people. But it's a lot of money, too much money, for some fans. It's at the expensive end of similar Patreons.

      I am fortunate in that I could afford it. I've not subscribed because it doesn't look like value for money for me, and I say that as someone who has every Jon Anderson solo album and a good proportion of even his guest appearances on albums.