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    ^ Sarcasm becomes you !


      Originally posted by Soundwaveseeker View Post
      This album is so good that Squire simply could not make another. He was always, "Oh, I think I'll make another one next year" or something like that in interviews. But whatever he did ended up being used for Yes. Sure, he had Conspiracy, Squackett, a Christmas album. But no true second solo album. He never followed up FOOW. It outshines all or at least most other Yes solo endeavors. It was too good to be in any series of solo discography, it had to be the only one.
      Squire talked about doing a second album throughout the '90s. The album he was referring to was what was eventually released as Conspiracy. That was his follow up. It might not be as good, but that's what he intended and did.


        Originally posted by oldies45rpm View Post
        I have come across
        CHRIS SQUIRE Fish Out Of Water Atlantic SD 18159 White test pressing. ST-A-753512-A / ST 14? 753511-A. Presswell Records on label.
        Could anyone give me some info on it, or how much it`s worth. If your interested make me an offer​
        It's certainly sellable, but by no means should you expect a "collector's" price from anyone. Yep, very likely very rare, by there's not really much of a market for Chris Squire collectables.


          I sold the cassette on Ebay a few months ago. Quite scarce, but not much demand - it was up for sale for months. Sold for about £10.


            Originally posted by RelayerI View Post
            I sold the cassette on Ebay a few months ago. Quite scarce, but not much demand - it was up for sale for months. Sold for about £10.
            That's pretty good for a cassette though.

            There's a neat feature on ebay: At the bottom of the left column where you can filter your search results by "Sold Items", so you see what items actually SOLD FOR rather than what people are ASKING FOR that item. This way you can see what people have already paid for an item you're thinking of listing.

            Brand New​ for $26.85 (+ $3.95 shipping). In September an identical sealed set sold for $53.00 (+ $9.99 shipping).

            Right now there's an unsealed FOOW cassette LISTED for $29.98.


              As it happens, I heard "You By My Side" on SiriusXM while in the car just a few hours ago - it had been a very long time since I had heard anything from FOOW on the radio.

              I listened to the album a great deal in the year or two after its release. Now only occasionally, but a lot of it still sounds very good to me. I think the album might have had more lasting commercial success if Squire had hired a lead singer to sing on it. Chris was a very skilled singer but the sound of his voice never struck me as a lead singer's voice.

              I remember seeing the film Rocky , which came out maybe a year or two after FOOW, and there was an orchestral theme in the soundtrack, which I imagine would be recognized by anyone who has seen the film - and I remember being in the theater and saying out loud that this bit of the Rocky music sounded very much like a section about halfway through "Safe(Canon Song)". And my friend sitting with me in the theater said "not everything has something to do with Yes, you know"
              But, to this day, when I hear that section of Safe (CS), I still remember why I thought of it while watching Rocky for the first time. Maybe the Rocky composer was a Yes fan.