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Yes - Parallels - Live in Glasgow 1977 (Denoised) 1 PRO CAM Footage

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  • Yes - Parallels - Live in Glasgow 1977 (Denoised) 1 PRO CAM Footage

    Source: Lineage: U-matic video tape PAL ---) PAL VHS ---) multistandard VCR ---) NTSC ---) DVD NTSC [2012]Video Deinterlaced and Denoised by BrunoSamppa | ...

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    Great job cleaning this up! Sounds great.


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      Oh wow the energy they had back then. Great video!
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        This is wonderful. Look at the North drums! Thank you for freshening up this video. I wonder if it's easy to estimate the $$ cost of doing the same work on other songs. Perhaps you could suggest one or two other songs from this show and, possibly find enough $ from individual fans to finance another song to clean up.

        Which song from this set would people be most interested in? I guess the longer the song, the more work and cost involved.
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          This is so great!
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            This is great! Especially if you already love the song. I know fans that don't, even my brother who is a big fan doesn't get it. It's a polarizing song in a way, similar to GFTO.