I recently got an amazing Pro-Shot show from forgotten-yesterdays.com (Tokyo 2016) which has inspired me to return to my Project of getting a complete show on video from every Tour. The only tours I don't have even a partial show of are 2017 (The "Yestival tour with Todd Rundgren) and 2018 (Yes 50). Nothing from either is available on Forgotten Yesterdays, and even on YouTube, footage from these tours is far and few between. Anyone know of any other sites which might have complete shows on video to download ?

PS - Check out the Tokyo 2016 show if you've never seen it (not sure, but I don't think any of it is on youtube). The sound is amazing, and especially Geoff's keys are really high in the mix for a change, you can really hear all his mistakes ! (just kidding, he actually sounds really good on this show)