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    Originally posted by downbyariver View Post

    In addition to the World Trade's Euphoria and the alt-rock band Hurricane (The latter being where he became a "name", but some of the least Yes-like music he performed on), you can also hear Schellen playing drums on Circa:'s second album, HQ (Interestingly, he was stepping for Alan White, who had returned to Yes when Yes returned from it's hiatus in the 00s, meaning that when he joined Yes later, it was at least the second time he'd followed White in a band).

    Jay also plays drums on most or all of the first Dukes of the Orient album (Self-titled, 2018) and is the "S" in GPS, which released one album entitled Windows to the Soul in 2006 (He is joined by John Payne on both projects).

    He's also credited as playing drums on both the self-titled Conspiracy album and it's sequel, The Unknown. He was joined in that band by Chris Squire, Billy Sherwood, and Jimmy Haun (Yes' Union album, Lodgic, Arc of Life), among others. Alan White is credited as also playing drums on the first album (but not the second).

    Schellen is the drummer for both Arc of Life albums as well.

    I notice he's credited on a Def Leppard album called All I Want Is Everything from the 1990s, but, to be honest, it's just something that came up when I was looking on the Internet just now. I didn't know he had done that. Everything else I knew or kind of knew and in some cases was checking to confirm, but that one came as a surprise to me.

    You can also find him on a ton of tribute albums (i.e. People covering songs by famous bands and artists). He seems to be one of Sherwood's go-to guys for those things, and may also do some that Sherwood isn't involved with.
    Jay Schellen was also briefly a member of Asia, replacing Chris Slade in 2005. The lineup was Downes, John Payne, Guthrie Govan and Schellen. That lineup does appear on the 10-track Live In Scandanavia album which features mostly stuff from the first album and a few from the then-current Silent nation. He was there for the Downes/Payne split and continued with Payne and Guthrie Govan in GPS. I think he may also be on the Architect Of Time EP project with Payne. With Schellen now in Yes with Downes, I wonder if John Payne or that era ever came up in conversation.


      Jay Schellen was in Hurricane! I think I knew and forgot. Not alt rock but straight up cheese hair metal. I was a fan. Kelly Hansen vox ftw