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DBA - Helicon Hymns

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    DBA - Helicon Hymns

    Love the album

    "We all gotta climb mountains!" - Jon Anderson 2003

    Eagles will fly...tick
    Phoenix will rise from ashes...tick
    Something about Neptune...tick
    Prog lyrics in place.

    Braide can sing and the arrangement and production is warm and lush. Ok. Will listen to more of DBA.

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      I agree Braide can sing. He lifts ‘The Producers, made in Basingstoke CD with his singing as well.


        I love just about anything Geoff is involved in. His work with John Wetton in Icon was very good, and that continues with Chris Braide, in Downes Braide Association. I have them all, and almost everytime, I find something new within the textures.

        Halcyon Hymns is very English sounding with the narrations and I believe past reviews said it was pastorial sounding. Maybe that's not the right word, but the album sounds particularly good after dealing with Covid, and lockdowns. It brings hope, and happiness. It reflects on past loves on some songs.

        ​​​​​​Downes Braide Association has one of the best rythm sections out there, and added a better guitarist. I am doing this quickly, do I won't add names, but I love most of the songs on this album. One songs brings me hope, one reflects on a past love for me, and one song makes me cry every time, thinking this would be a song I would play at my daughter's wedding.

        Anyhow, the production performances and singing are devine on this album. It is a beautiful experience.


          I love this album and every DBA album