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You never forget your first release

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  • You never forget your first release

    From a recent Geoff D. interview, you can’t make this stuff up. And are we all done yet with interviewers who are so enamored by their guests that they can only lob softball questions and fawn and drool over them?

    But yeah, “you never forget your first release.”

    New to the channel? #please_subscribe YES are releasing their upcoming album, 'Mirror To The Sky', which follows ‘The Quest’, Yes’ 2021 debut for InsideOutMu...

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    I enjoyed the interview, naturally. Did Geoff record something with Tina Charles or just go on tour with her, I don’t know.

    Soft ball questions are almost the norm know. Geoff appeared and sounded happy. That counts for something. He is almost always been generous with his time. I really can’t say that about too many artists.


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      My first release........never forgot her. Beautiful older woman.