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Downesian: A Realisation

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  • Downesian: A Realisation

    Just the other morning as I pottered around the kitchen, making toast and coffee in the mild, gelid light , humming away, not fully awake, realised that it is Geoff Downes that has seeped the most into my brain (soul) for I was humming Machine Messiah and mumbling the words as they all rhyme.

    Other toons I like to hum as I walk up to the high street are VKTRS and HOTM and ALI.

    The common denominator? Mr Geoffrey Downes.
    The realization came to be quite a shock. But then I discovered the find of my year. DBA's Skyscraper Souls. Fresh modernist pop-prog of the HIGHEST ORDER. On a par with FFH and the best bits of TQ.

    Geoff of course has help from all his mates on these tracks but he is the common denominator. Never regarded as a keyboard maestro. But went to music college. First man on MTV. Underrated.

    Vastly underrated. But not in my subconscious. It seems.


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    The Definitive YES Albums

    -The Yes Album-Fragile-Close to the Edge-Tales From Topographic Oceans-
    -Relayer-Going for the One-Drama-90125-Big Generator-Union-Talk-
    -The Ladder-Magnification-Fly From Here-The Quest-Mirror to the Sky-


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      Buggles, YES, ASIA, producing GTR album, Icon with John Wetton and Downes Braide Association,; there is a lot of production, music, and mixing to love.

      As I posted recently, I am still finding new bits/ instrumentation even on stuff I've listened to dozens of times, every single time when I'm truly listening to his music and collaborations the last twenty years.


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        I’d give my right arm to hear the first Asia album, but only Geoff and Steve.
        The duo album that never was.
        (I’m left handed)


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          Originally posted by Ceasar’s Palace
          I’d give my right arm to hear the first Asia album, but only Geoff and Steve.
          The duo album that never was.
          (I’m left handed)
          With Icon ( John Wetton and Geoffrey ), you get to hear their songs and production, long before the became "ASIA- songs". Something I really enjoyed/enjoy.


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            Originally posted by Gilly Goodness
            But went to music college.
            First Yes member to complete music college, and there aren't many others: Tony Levin, Igor Khoroshev, Tom Brislin... I think that's it.


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              I've said before that Geoff's not quite up to the gig in Yes and I stand by that. He is, however, massively talented and a top tier player. I've got loads of his stuff outside of Yes.