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    Billy sherwood - holiday mix

    Now that Christmas is upon us, I've been listening to a few Yes-related Christmas things. Has anybody heard Billy Sherwood's Holiday tunes? From around 2008, I think, there were a few volumes of 'Ultimate Holiday Party' various artists collections, and Billy Sherwood had a bunch of original songs scattered across the three volumes. First heard them on I-Tunes. One of them in particular, 'Give A Little More', is a wonderful song and has become one of my faves for the season. It's a sweet, melodic track, nice song. I could see Yes doing it, putting it out as a single for charity or something. A number of Yes members old and new have Christmas entries in their solo catalogue, Anderson, Squire, Wakeman, Moraz, and Downes all have either a Christmas album or a Christmas song. But not Yes as a whole. This could be the song to tackle, but they probably would prefer to do Run With The Fox. Could be a good opportunity for them though, it's rather Yessy.

    In all, there's about nine tracks across the Ultimate Holiday Party series, and not all Christmas songs - there's a couple Hanukkah songs and a Kwanzaa song. These are fun rocking songs. Sleigh bells everywhere. I downloaded these and compiled them into the Billy Sherwood Holiday Mix. The tunes are:

    Give A Little More - nostalgic and magical, nice tune overall. Well, I like it anyway.
    Christmas Ball - hiphoppy beats, sleigh bells
    Christmas Time Is Here - atmospheric, Christmas movie type bit
    Back Home For Christmas - another sweet and melodic track
    Bring It On Santa - country-ish song with a twang
    Rockin' Hanukkah - well, a rocking Hanukkah song
    Happy Kwanzaa - island rhythms and harmonies
    It's Hanukkah Again - another rockin' Hanukkah song, a fun one
    Dear Santa - no, not that one, it's another tune called Dear Santa. Kinda rockabilly(rockaBilly?)

    I take it he did these for possible inclusion for films or to catalogue holiday music for public use or something. Collecting these makes for a short album, or a long EP of sorts. But these tracks were done without the processed vocals or stop-and-go arrangements of his proggy solo albums or bands. As much as I like Circa and solo albums like Citizen or those big productions, it was nice to hear Billy singing plainly and in a more traditional song-structure format and in multiple styles. It shows his versatility, and I wouldn't mind something like this from him on a solo album.

    What does anyone think of Billy Sherwood's Holiday songs?

    I love them, I also dug them up this Christmas
    "We all gotta climb mountains!" - Jon Anderson 2003