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    The Moment is Here

    Kind of a random idea for a thread, but World Trade's "The Moment is Here" came up on shuffle for me a little while ago, and really connected with me. It's funny, because I actually had my four favorite songs from the album this comes from (World Trade's self-titled 1989 debut) marked, and this wasn't one of them. I'm reconsidering which songs are my favorites. It's a very good album.

    This first World Trade album was considered a very big deal. The band got a big advance for it, there was a significant amount of time and money put into the recording process, and it was produced by Keith Olsen, who had worked with a lot of big time bands and artists.

    Unfortunately, it didn't sell well, but that was likely because a regime change at the label meant that, despite the big investment in the album and awesome sound, the album received little if any promotion when it was actually released, and in those days (Before the World Wide Web), you really needed promotion.

    It's still here for us to listen to, though, which is what really matters from my perspective as a fan. It would have hit us harder as fans if Sherwood hadn't gotten the opportunity to record more albums as the result of lower than hoped for sales of this album, but, obviously, he got and is still getting the opportunity to record a lot more albums, including two more World Trade albums to date (They are sort of on a Boston [the band] style release schedule. That would bother me except that Sherwood's always got something similar going on as part of various bands, projects, and as a solo artist.).‚Äč

    "A lot of the heavier conversations I was having with Chris toward the end were about his desire for this thing to go forward. He kept reiterating that to me. [...] He kept telling me, 'No matter what happens, Yes needs to continue moving forward and make great music. So promise me that that's something you want to do.'. And I have to keep making music. It's just what I do. [...] I'm a fan of the band and I want to see it thrive and that means new music." -Billy Sherwood

    Always liked that song, especially paired with the intro track that preceded it. There's also an acoustic-ish version of it on the Japan import version of their last album Unify as a bonus track.

    Yeah, they were primed for good things but it never happened for them. They were kinda marketed for fans of Big Generator-era Yes, Toto, Asia, 3 with Robert Berry, etc. but promotion was non existent. There was even a video for Revolution Song, though I'm not sure if MTV played it often or at all at the time. For more pre-Yes Billy also check out Lodgic.


      a beautiful album all around, it may be Billy's finest work actually outside of Yes.
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