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New Arc Of Life - Don't Look Down - Nov 18

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    Originally posted by Somis Sound View Post
    Sounds like the 2nd Conspiracy album and all the stuff that came after it. Lots of processing. didn't really grab me, other than the solo section. Jimi is a great guitarist.
    I can’t really listen to Billy driven music anymore. He just sounds like he’s stuck in an echo chamber of the same musical landscape and can’t get out. Bletch


      The songs are mediocre. The production is very cluttered, unnatural and unmusical sounding.
      “Well ain’t life grand when you finally hit it?”-David Lee Roth


        I am curious and would love to hear from anyone in the music business on this forum. Some of these songs sound like they easily could be on a Yes album with the most recent lineup of course. When 3 guys out of 5 are in both bands and they come up with a song like Arc of Life - how do they decide which band records it, is it contractual, right of first refusal by say Steve. I suppose it differs based on contracts etc but just curious.

        It was simpler with Asia/Yes because there are clearly songs that fit one style or the other but this seems much closer in style.