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World Trade - Euphoria - ReRelease

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    World Trade - Euphoria - ReRelease

    Just got my copy looks great

    • A revamped and reissued version of the second album from prog rock supergroup featuring Yes veterans Chris Squire, Jay Schellen & Billy Sherwood! One By One By One 11. Wheels Of Life. One World Going Round.
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    I don't own any World Trade. And, I believe there are some gift cards lying around.


      Originally posted by luvyesmusic View Post
      I don't own any World Trade. And, I believe there are some gift cards lying around.
      The debut album from 1989 is essential Sherwood IMHO.
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        William Wyman Sherwood ? I never knew...


          No bonus tracks, oh well. Looking on Amazon, the third World Trade album 'Unify' is there for rather cheap. Of the three, the first one is essential prog/aor Yes/Rush type power rock. Euphoria is the most Yes-like, and Unify the most Billy Sherwood-like.


            This is the only one of the three World Trade albums that features Jay Schellen on drums. Mark T. Williams was the drummer on the original self-titled album and 2017's Unify.

            Apart from the drumming situation, World Trade has had the same lineup for all three of its albums. Guy Allison (Lodgic, Air Supply, Unruly Child, Doobie Brothers, Moody Blues) is on board as the keyboardist and Bruce Gowdy (Unruly Child) is the lead guitarist. Billy Sherwood, of course, is the bassist and lead singer.

            Since the thead is about Euphoria (Not to be confused with the HBO television drama for those of you who may have come to this thread via a search engine. ), I'll quickly throw out there that my favorite two songs from the album are "Not the Only One" and "Golden Age".

            "The Evolution Song" would be right up there on that tier if I didn't like a subsequent version of the same song that Conspiracy (The band featuring Billy Sherwood and Chris Squire) did, entitled "Watching the World", on its self-titled debut, a hair better. The World Trade version is the original (or at least first to studio release by quite a few years), though, and perhaps there are some Conspiracy affianatos out there who might even feel that an alternate version of the song is a selling point (Personally, I am more of a one version of each song kind of guy, but both albums from both bands manage to be strong despite the duplicate tune, and, if you don't have the first Conspiracy album, this is an alternate path to getting essentially the same song, co-written by Chris Squire).

            I agree with the emerging consensus here that the first World Trade album (self-titled) is the best of the three albums the band has done to date (I don't know of any plans for a 4th, but given that they seem to be on the Boston [The band, not the city] album release schedule, and that both the 2nd and 3rd albums came from a band that had been considered defunct prior to work on the albums, I wouldn't rule out seeing one more one day.).

            World Trade (the album) I think may sometimes get overlooked because it's been out of print in physical media and unavailable as a digital download through licensed channels for a long time.

            Still, it's not like a trilogy of novels. . It's not as though you'll be lost or have the plot of the earlier music spoiled if you just pick up the second or third album without the first one.

            I'd love to see this reissue of Euphoria sell well. If it does, and there is the natural spike in sales of Unify, which came out only five years ago and didn't seem to get nearly the level of attention I'd have wished for it, maybe that'll create a reason for the guys to go back into the studio again for more albums. You never know.
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            "A lot of the heavier conversations I was having with Chris toward the end were about his desire for this thing to go forward. He kept reiterating that to me. [...] He kept telling me, 'No matter what happens, Yes needs to continue moving forward and make great music. So promise me that that's something you want to do.'. And I have to keep making music. It's just what I do. [...] I'm a fan of the band and I want to see it thrive and that means new music." -Billy Sherwood


              Euphoria has a lot of great songs that are rather Yes-like. I love One World Going Round, Not The Only One and Say Goodbye. They also have some of that weird stop-and-go arranged prog stuff with Wheels Of Life, which sounds like a precursor to The Big Peace or No Comment. Say Goodbye and Evolution Song sound identical to the Conspiracy versions, I wondered if they were the same. Euphoria is the most Yes-sounding one of the three, partially because Chris is on some of it and a couple songs were also Conspiracy ones too. That's the first World Trade album I had heard. The debut, man that was hard to find. I had it on a taped cassette long before I got a physical copy of it.

              The debut seems to be the most popular, though for me I think they're evenly matched. I'm not sure which one I prefer. Unify came and went without much hoo-haw. I remember they got a page in Prog magazine, that's about it. By then, his voice sounds a little different and the album comes across closer to a Sherwood solo album, though I still enjoy it. I guess too much time between albums. But I'd be up for another World Trade album for sure.

              But Euphoria is a good album to start with if looking for a Yessier kinda thing. The first album is Yessy too, but also has some Rush & Toto in the mix as well. I think I read that his first solo album 'The Big Peace' started out to be the third World Trade album, but eventually came out as Billy's first solo album. On that it's mostly Billy Sherwood, but Jay Schellen is on that too.