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    Well. Nothing to say, really, except to celebrate Alan's lifetime of performance, ten highlights that I'll always carry with me and for which I'm eternally grateful. Only one non-Yes song, as I never explored Circa:, White or his other appearances too much (naturally this is on me). But what a legacy.
    1. Yours is No Disgrace (Yessongs) - I've said before, inject this into my veins. Just the best version of this classic song for which I will brook no discussion or dissent.
    2. It Can Happen - My favourite song from 90125.
    3. I'm Running - What an overlooked classic that should have been huge, huger, hugest. Hugest.
    4. In the Presence Of - Alan is credited with piano on the album, and this is just a late period masterpiece showing the band could still find new sounds.
    5. The Calling - Just a huge drum sound that shakes my rib cage every time.
    6. Sound Chaser - Naturally.
    7. Be The One - The opening notes, what an announcement that "We're back." The rest of the song is pretty spiff too.
    8. No Warning Lights - From Levin/White/Torn, could have been a Crimson ProjeKct, but isn't. A strange, strange album, but some monster drumming here.
    9. Hour of Need
    10. Where Will You Be - Two from the gentler side, but gorgeous in their execution, their shuffle and rhythm. A side of Yes we could use more of. Slow or mid-temple isn't boring, not at all…
    If I have any conclusions at all, it's that Alan could be showy, he could be subtle, he could be knotty and intricate or (deceptively) straightforward, but he always, *always* served the song.

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    Watchin' number 4 now. Alan front of stage playin' the beautiful melody on piano. Chris and Jon singin'. Steve strummin'. Timeless. Immortal. Truly beautiful.

    What a stunnin' song. So many climaxes. It's almost exhaustin'!

    Now watchin' the Montreaux version with Rick.

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