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The lost 2022 album

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  • The lost 2022 album

    For fun's sake, here is the "lost" 2022 YES album (or Ep)

    Sister Sleeping Soul
    Mystery Tour
    Damaged World
    Unknown Place
    One Second Is enough
    Magic Potion

    Approx 30 min
    How would you rate it ?

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    well i really enjoy SSS, UP and MP. I have mixed feelings about the others

    it would probably be like a 6.5/10, something like that.
    The Definitive YES Albums

    -The Yes Album-Fragile-Close to the Edge-Tales From Topographic Oceans-
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    -The Ladder-Magnification-Fly From Here-The Quest-Mirror to the Sky-


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      I like 5 of the 6 songs, which is more than I can say for some albums, but I don’t think I love any of them. They’re fine, but don’t aim that high, which is ok in context, but less so out of it.


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        I would not rate this one highly at all, unfortunately. I have listened to these tracks once each and don't really have a desire to return to them.
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          That's a nice sleepy Yes track list. This was a lousy tracklist to start my morning.

          If I were trying to convince someone who's never heard Yes before to get excited over Yes, this might be the worst tracklist ever.

          Even I'm turned off by this tracklist. Some of their twee elf music. And I'm hatin' letting Steve's vocals creep up in the mix. NOT. A. LEAD. SINGER.

          And the Beatles tribute song Mystery Tour was just as fawning and cheesy as ELO's 1983 unreleased track about them, titled Beatles Forever. Jeff Lynne wrote it and hates it.


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            Sorry but those songs should remain lost. The last interesting release for me was From a Page. The other recent output is forgettable at best for me.


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              It doesn't stand up as an EP in its own right like From A Page does. Too much light fare, though some tracks are real good/decent. Those would be Sister Sleeping Soul and Unknown Place. Those songs are worthy of being in the main sequence of a current Yes album. Mystery Tour has the honor of being my least fave Yes track, maybe sharing a bottom slot with last Train. The other 3 tracks won't bowl anyone over but are fine melodic songs, if a little safe. Overzealous Howe lead vocals up in the mix certainly doesn't sell this EP either. On this EP the dynamics are let down a bit by there being too much breezy/sleepy material which is better in context of a main album or as bonus tracks, but never lumped together as its own album or EP.

              So I would say, these songs don't make it as an EP but are fine enough as bonus tracks.