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Hemispheric perspectives on Christmas

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    Hemispheric perspectives on Christmas

    Here's a question directed toward members in the Southern Hemisphere. Here in the US, so much of our Christmas music, at least of the secular variety, invokes winter and snow: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, Let's Get Snowed in for Christmas, Let it Snow, etc. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is a summer holiday. How do you folks feel when you hear our wintry Christmas songs? Does it feel exclusionary? Or do such songs even get played in the Southern Hemisphere?

    Conversely, what non-religious things do you associate with Christmas? Palm trees? Surf boards? I'm not trying to be flippant...I'm actually curious.

    Well let me describe 60 hot Xmas's. Hot turkey, chicken, ham, prawns, fish for lunch. The cricket starts Boxin' Day, so nothin' on telly apart from if you're lucky the Great Escape. So laze around inside, dozy from over eatin'.

    As for music we have all the carols, noone cares about the snowy lyrics. Australia is fairly secular. People eat what they want. Listen to their own music. Whatever. No one listens to Mariah Carey or wear silly jumpers. Tree decorated. Presents wrapped.

    The only National holiday that music takes a big part is Australia Day Jan 26 with radio station TripleJ's Hottest 100 as voted by listeners. Always have a day long barbie beside the pool and listen along.

    Growin' up catholic, we would go to church then Roast lunch. Shillin's snuck into hot fruit puddin'. Had to be careful not to swallow the coins. Backyard cricket. Or on the street with all the kids.

    Nowadays we have lunch with Father-in-law. Goat curry. Then we drive down to Canberra to visit my sisters on Boxin' Day. Eat more. Swim more. Follow cricket on telly or radio. Press reports. Go to galleries and museums. Very quiet in Canberra as most go to the coast for holidays. Will check out zoo by Lake Burley Griffen. Tigers. Lions. Giraffes. And my faves. The sea otters.

    Havin' said all that. My daughter has spent Xmas in NY and London. And says it's very magical and over the top. Would be nice. Carollers in the snow. Snug pubs servin' mulled wine. Church bells bangin' away.
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      Your Christmas sounds lovely. Different from ours, but the same also. It's all about spending time with family and friends. 👍