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Thread: 50th anniversary European Tour announced!

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    Re: 50th anniversary European Tour announced!

    Really do like Dylan's presence in the band to be honest. He's a very tight drummer, meshes well with the sound and he seems like a decent fellow. I also love the old Yes logo on the drum head.
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    Re: 50th anniversary European Tour announced!

    Quote Originally Posted by SeeTheDesert View Post
    Hopefully Steve is up to it. I can from devestating losing a step child is. I cant imagine being thd birth parent. One year out and im still feeling physical.effects at 56. His mediatation should help but I pray for Jan and him.

    I have no vices anymore except maybe coffee and I'm in decent shape and this has taken a toll. I hope he doesnt push it and hurt himself. Mucho Peace and Love
    I understand all too well. I've been going through something very similar his year, and while I knew it would have a profound emotional impact, the physical toll is just as real. Someone told me recently that grief can be akin to a king of brain injury. And it's true. It's probably a good thing to get back into your routine as best you can and that may be part of the healing process, but expectations have to be adjusted. Grief is a process that can't be short circuited. You don't get over it, but you can get through it. I wish Steve and yourself all the best.
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