This replaces the previous policy that has been posted here for since 2008.

Occasionally Yesfans members post or PM in an offensive manner contrary to Yesfans site terms as outlined from the link at the bottom of the page. When this is brought to the attention of the moderators, we usually begin by making a strategic post asking people to cool down, and friendly warnings to obey the site rules. Sometimes we'll ask for an edit of a post.

The vast majority of time this is sufficient to resolve the issue but occasionally the member involved doesn't take the hint and offends repeatedly. These repeat offenders will be dealt with according to this policy.

Step 1: A formal warning will be issued to the Member. The Moderator team will keep tabs of the situation.

Step 2: If the Member doesn't heed the warning, the moderator team will apply a 1-week suspension.

Step 3: If the Member still doesn't heed the warning and continues to break site rules, the Member will be permanently suspended from Yesfans.

Where circumstances warrant it, for example, severe personal abuse of another member, steps 1 and 2 in the suspension policy can be bypassed at the discretion of Yesfans administration.

All Spammers are automatically the subject of permanent ban.

*** updated by 1yesfan 4/20/11 ***