Site Server Donations is now on an upgraded platform as of 3/2014.  This platform has allowed us to continue to provide Yesfans across the world the best place to come and be Yesfans, talk about your favorite band and much more.  With this new platform we no longer will actively ask for donations from the membership.  The server costs are 85.00 a month now.  We are still on an application that allows us to have our own home, not shared with any other sites that would slow us down.  This new platform will allow us to continue to have a fast connection, no slow loading pages, and plenty of space to grow into the future, beyond the current 13 years we have been on the internet as of 3/2014.

If you still would like to donate a small amount of money to support your favorite site you may via the link below.  All funds will be kept as in the past in a rainy day fund to cover the bills.  So if you feel so moved to do so, donating a small amount of money via PayPal below as you can afford.  

Yesfans will still always remain a FREE site. 


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**** PM 1yesfan via the website or email for other possible payment methods if you rather not do monthly donations as described above.  Please contact me for details on how to donate.  If you want to do a one time LARGER donation again please contact me via PM for details ****