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Roan's Lady
08-31-2011, 09:02 AM
Those in and around the NJ area may be interested in the following NJ Proghouse show, which promises to be killer!

Morglbl supported by Freak Kitchen
Friday, Sept. 9, 2011
The Crossroads (http://www.xxroads.com)
Garwood, NJ

Doors open at 7:30
$25 admission

From www.njproghouse.com: (http://www.njproghouse.com:)

About Mörglbl:

Before they even had a name, a charming young girl called to book the band for their very first show. M-O-R-G-L-B-L were the first letters to come to mind.
Led by guitarist extraordinaire Christophe Godin and anchored by the phenomenal Ivan Rougny on bass, Morglbl gained international acclaim through their first two albums in 1997 and 1998. Years of excessive touring saw the band's reputation grow till a break was needed. But in 2007 Morglbl came roaring back with their 3rd critically acclaimed album, Grotesk, which earned them an invitation to play at the 2008 NEARfest in Pennsylvania. The audience was simply astounded and cheered the band to a double encore ~ a first in the ten year history of the festival for an opening band. Over 400 CD's were sold in 30 minutes!
Drummer Aurelien Ouzoulias joined Morglbl in 2008 bringing a new kick to the band's music. Highly sought for sessions and performances, Aurel added his unmistakable style to the band's 4th album, 2009's Jazz for the Deaf.
Morglbl's live performances are a crazy mix of jazzy moods, fat, funky grooves and substantial chunks of metal all served up with a Zappa-like humor. Some describe it as Primus meeting Steve Vai. Morglbl hits like a heavyweight jab and makes you laugh while you bleed. Seat belts are optional, but highly recommended. *

About Freak Kitchen:

Viking raids nearly always came as a total surprise. They knew the European coasts like the backs of their hands and planned their attacks in advance. The same can be said of Sweden's Freak Kitchen who has been conquering much of the world since 1992. Now for the first time Freak Kitchen has trained its attention on the US.
With seven albums already under their belt, Freak Kitchen has established a global reputation for slaughtering audiences with hysterical antics and expert musicianship. Axemaster Mattias 'IA' Eklundh needs no introduction among serious guitar players, but the unsuspecting might well have the same reaction as the executive editor of Guitar Player magazine who described Eklundh's playing as "pure voodoo." Able to pound out skull crushing riffs and fiery yet baffling solos with equal ferocity it's easy to miss the incredibly complex structures contained within many Freak Kitchen songs. They are so well crafted that their technical difficulty never distracts from the tune.
Eklundh long ago sought to grow the band at his pace under his terms and has done so since forming in 1992. Drummer Bjorn Fryklund and bassist Christer Ortefors became the new rhythm duo in 2000 igniting a new creative phase. Together this trio released Move in 2002, Organic in 2005, and the incredible Land Of The Freaks in 2009. Eklundh has guided Freak Kitchen through an ever increasing fan base resulting in numerous festival appearances. With the US now firmly in his sights the whole world will get just a little bit freakier.

As an aside, I've seen Morglbl three times and they simply knocked me out. Easily one of my favorite bands. If you can make it, make it! :bncy:

08-31-2011, 11:56 PM
Will have to check both these bands out , great info Amy !!! Will be out of town but can get a glimpse online for now, they look very interesting !!!

Roan's Lady
09-06-2011, 09:37 PM
Will have to check both these bands out , great info Amy !!! Will be out of town but can get a glimpse online for now, they look very interesting !!!

Frank, they're playing other gigs as well, let me know if you're interested in knowing the wheres and whens. :D

I saw Morglbl again last Saturday and they delivered in their usual high-octane style. The following day, I saw Freak Kitchen as well, and HOLY COW these guys kick serious progmetal ass with a rousing stage presence to boot. I never saw a sea of headbangin' old proggers as I did this particular afternoon; it was outrageously good.