View Full Version : Salaries of "sidemen" (accompanists to solo-career stars)

09-06-2006, 08:59 AM
I was listening to the new Dylan album en route to work today, and was pondering this crack band he's had for a while now. If it's the same lineup as a couple of years ago, I believe it includes Charlie Sexton on guitar (the guy behind "Beat's So Lonely" in the mid-80s, and a member of the short-lived band Arc Angels).

I got to wondering, what kind of money do these people make? I'm sure it varies a lot, but ballpark?

F'rinstance, would somebody like Dylan's guitar player on a decent-length tour make enough to get by comfortably for a good part of a year?

I'm sure that, in any event, a person like this who plays consistently with a big name like Dylan, looks for other gigs or session work during off times.

I think I've heard that Bruce Springsteen pays his people notably well, with an eye toward them being comfortable during off times. Of course, with the E Street Band, those off times can range from a matter of months to 10 years...

Just spoke to a co-worker who's a former professional trumpet player (Broadway pit orchestras, etc.) and she pointed out that rock guys like Dylan's accompanists, etc., would have to make at least Musician's Union "scale".

So, anyone have any info to weigh in with?:rightG: