View Full Version : Have you lost these site functions???

07-27-2006, 10:33 PM
OK I have posted many a time on this site that you need to keep a VALID email in your profile. Right now I have MANy folks that do not do this that results in a good amount of bounced email from the site to me.

I have most of these accounts in a USER GROUP that does not allow email to be sent to them. Thus keeping the bouncing down.

If you have a bad email and you are in this gorup you will notice that you can NOT update your sig, upload attchments, upload profile pics, or see who is online.

I have put those settings that way to get YOUR ATTN. So if you have not been able to do that or all of the sudden lost those things you need to PM ME with a good email that I can put in your profile! At that point I will put your ID back in the registered user group.

I STRONGLY ask that you do not use YAHOO or HOTMAIL types of accounts if you do not use them on a regular basis. Many emails are bounced back due to bad emails addies, mail box's full, incorrectly filled out in your sign up sheet and the list goes on!