View Full Version : Forum changes: Chapters and Tour Talk

10-24-2004, 09:06 PM
The Tour talk forum has been moved back to the forum that it usally is in when Yes is not on tour. It is now found once again in the YESMUSIC forums from the main page.
In an effort to help promote Chapter outings I will move chapter specific forums anytime there is a meeting. Equal time on the main page will be for all chapters but as time goes by and more chapters come alive they may not get moved to the front just for frequent weekend PUB meetings if you understand what I am saying. Thanks for EVERYONES efforts to get these clubs off the ground. I really think this is the next step for us as a site and anyone that even just visits but is not a member. We need to show Yes that we still care and that we meet because of them. Just imagine when this takes off and a Yes member gets wind of the large meets taking place. Chances are one of them will come and hang out with us!!!!