View Full Version : Thank You YESFANS.COM

Wick Rackeman
05-05-2004, 09:57 PM
Last night, you hosted quite a gathering at the Raddison, in Rosemont, Il.
As a YES fan since 72 or 73, (I don't know for sure}, but I had a great time before and after the show. YESFANS.COM made my show just that much more of a memory. I appreciate the efforts put into the event.
Now if we can get those folks over 50 to sit down, put out the joint and shut up, us younger fans in our 40's (and younger) can enjoy the next YESSHOW.
Actually, not all the people over 50 were obnoxious, just the ones in section 102, as many of you are aware of.
Thank you again,
Wick Rackeman JP