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  1. New Style/Skin/Look
  2. Neat new feature!
  3. I like the new posting box feature do you???
  4. Another Yes Album
  5. If you would like the Politics Forum to disappear.....
  6. Question about blocking forums
  7. new 'spot' for Teachers Forum??
  8. This thread sucks, don't read it. REALLY.
  9. Yesfans Winter Look
  10. Yesfans Merry Xmas Look
  11. Thanks to RelayerJim
  12. Do your shopping via google search!
  13. Today's the 1 millionth post day
  14. Other Sites
  15. We Now Have a MySpace Account
  16. Please visit
  17. Videos forum needed
  18. Yes biography Forum
  19. Adrian Belew
  20. Stop changing your name
  21. Buddy list
  22. Google Placement
  23. PM Upgrade
  24. Copy/Paste
  25. Site backup time change
  26. The Growth of Yesfans
  27. Is this a bad idea?
  28. New sub forum for Circa:?
  29. New Site Feature. Ignore a thread!
  30. Profile Privacy: New Profile Feature.
  31. Font
  32. SITE BACK UP -- 6/22 outage
  33. Rep Is Gone
  34. Your last rep comment...
  35. What about the first one?
  36. New Account Upgrade Costs!
  37. 7/06/07 Outage
  38. Site Email Notify issues!!!
  39. New Site Server Donation Amounts (smaller)
  40. Slow response times
  41. A "Reply All" button
  42. Monthly Donations Tracker
  43. 10/03---we Are Back!!!
  44. Site Look Change!
  45. Site Backup times changing
  46. 11/04/07 down time
  47. Site Backup Issues Being Looked At...
  48. TEXT and Drugs and Rock and Roll
  49. New Holiday Skins
  50. Everyone Read This, Email Needs To Be Kept Updated!
  51. Rob Mcdonald Contact Me
  52. As of 1/21/08, All Yesfans Screennames, Posts and Forums are Moving Over to CIRCA:
  53. New Forum Banners
  54. Casino time
  55. MemberMap
  56. Forums too broad?
  57. How about a tourmap ?
  58. Over 9000 Yesfans
  59. Please, please PLEASE consolidate these forums!
  60. Move Rick Wakeman from current members
  61. Are you having trouble locating the Rick Wakeman forum?
  62. I think the time has come...
  63. Yes Houston, we did have ANOTHER problem
  64. How about a "I Hear [insert a name here] is the new Yes Front-man" Forum?
  65. Site Wuz Down Today 8/21/08
  66. 8/22/08 Ongoing Site Issues
  67. Split The Politics Forum Up
  68. Can We Please Have a Forum for the Discussion of History?
  69. Using Pics Too Say Something
  70. The Site Looks Excellent
  71. CHAT TONIGHT (Mon) 9pm EST (NY TIME)
  72. The Little Search Engine That Couldn't
  73. Yesfans Email
  74. Site errors of late.
  75. Question Regarding Site Rules
  76. Question About Subscribed Threads
  77. Spam - An Idea
  78. Playlist on your profile?
  80. More site changes: Read me!
  81. Customize Profile
  82. Did you lose your Sig Pic?
  83. Clean out your pm box!!!!
  84. New stat box
  85. Radio and tv
  86. Radio TV Link is on for all Members.
  87. Albums and amoun of pics
  88. The latest on the LAST POST ARROW
  89. Panic button
  90. 10/30/09 site goof!
  91. Do you EBAY?
  92. PM "sent" issues
  93. The arrow is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. Want to hide a forum from yourself?
  95. Got TWEET? Join me!
  96. Common courtesy when visiting
  97. 2/1/10 AM slowness
  98. Can someone PLEASE change this hideous new skin!!
  99. Virus threats of late
  100. Jon & Rick in concert
  101. Multiple replies or reps? Preference?
  102. Yesfans on your phone!!!!!!!!
  103. Could we...
  104. We're going to hit 2 million posts very soon!
  105. Forgotten Yesterdays Wrong Link
  106. TV/Radio do you use it?
  107. New Site Look/Skin
  108. Collection Section
  109. WOW you got to check out this YES
  110. Use our ebay link, it pays the bills
  111. Moon Safari section under Prog Bands
  112. A suggestion: FATs?
  113. Calender busted
  114. Please start threads in the correct forums!
  115. Politics and Religion related stuff.
  116. Don't turn off top 6 stats
  117. Smiley basic short-list
  118. Where is the site user artwork yes'ish logo's??
  119. Is it just me...
  120. U uh twitter person????
  121. Yesfans.com stuff at cost!!!!
  122. Yesfans is moving!!!! Read me !!!!
  123. The new yesfans shoppe is open with new great selections
  124. New server at last!!! Issues, report here!
  125. Live topic
  126. Number of pages in thread is wrong
  127. All 3 new YES links now up...
  128. Changes in advance of site upgrade attempt #2
  129. Update your site email!!!!!!!!!!
  130. Join twitter or facebook for yf downtime updates
  131. 6/24: Look for site upgrade this weekend, maybe.
  132. Site Upgrade happens?
  133. 6/25 - Sat UPGRADE IS DONE!
  134. Upgrade: Found New Features? Tell Us About It Here
  135. Bye bye Yesfans pie
  136. 3daysposts/todaysposts/chat are back!
  137. Have a chat link? Read me!!!!!
  138. Chat is back, i think
  139. Access Yesfans via Tapatalk iPhone app?
  140. Didn't YesWorld use to have links to this site?
  141. New Skin Up!
  142. Advertise on Yesfans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. Yesfans.com facebook group page changes, read me!!!!!!!!
  144. Yesfans.com and Firefox?
  145. New sports toy for you sports folks!
  146. New Feature worth it, read on....
  147. 11/5/11 site slowness!!!?????
  148. Arcade is back, tons of games!!!!
  149. New site features!!!!!
  150. Site Database errors. Trying to fix.....
  151. 11/22/11 site upgrade, issues remain with profile access
  152. "find it on Ebay search box" -- use it please
  153. Buy some yesfans stuff this xmass
  154. Read me:::: Clean your computer, makes yf run better!!!!
  156. Visitor Message issues
  157. Do we seem faster now, as of 4:50 pm???
  158. Stop bitching about YES, now! Happy Holiday RANT!
  159. Yesfans.com is now connected to Facebook
  160. Site upgrade 3/7/12 - issues???
  161. 4/14/01 the earliest snapshot of Yesfans to be found!?!!?!?!?!
  162. Please like our fb page and...
  163. Yes official twitter feed now on yesfans
  164. Suggestion: Consolidate Some Forums
  165. Navbar links MOVED
  166. Yesfans.com facebook up and going!
  167. Yesfans mobile device setting
  168. Pop up windows
  169. The new ALUMNI TAB
  170. Tapatalk/Forum Runner APPS are back for the forum
  171. Countdown timer - what timezone?
  172. Please use the FACEBOOK APP HERE: Read....
  173. PINTEREST now a function on Yesfans.
  174. PINTEREST now a function on Yesfans.
  175. Find your own posts/threads
  176. Advertise dirt cheap on yesfans for the summmer!!!!!!!!
  177. Lets use pinterest, newest site link!!!!!!!!
  178. What are those hyperlinked GREEN WORDS???
  179. Update on Advert links you see throught the forums...
  180. INFOLINKS system is no more! The underlined clickable link.
  181. Are you using our FACEBOOK application?
  182. We have some Xmass skins!
  183. Sell your stuff here, ADVERTISE ON YESFANS!
  184. Please visit our new advertisers showing on the site!
  185. Please check out our newest banner ad for a new exciting project!
  186. Great time to advertise on yesfans
  187. 4/14 - 4/15 down time, still
  188. Still seeing site errors???
  189. Still seeing site errors???
  190. We are moving-better read last posts here!
  191. On New Server, report issues here please!
  192. 5/7/13: Our 2nd new server update!
  193. Is this happening to you???
  194. Tapatalk and ForumRunner for your phone!
  195. Post your posts/Yesfans threads on FB, great way to promote our site!
  196. 9/15/13 site outage update
  197. 9-27-13 malware issues: Site is clean!!!!
  198. 9/27/13: Major email changes
  199. New chat room
  200. Donations To The Server Fund
  201. Allow More Than One Video Embed Per Post
  202. Anyone else having issues?
  203. Making Site Changes, read so you know.
  204. Yesfans on the move again: Read
  205. retrieve password and/or creat a new one.
  206. YESFANS has moved
  207. Posting pics here? READ ME PLEZ
  208. Is your POST count off????
  209. Advertise on YESFANS while the band is touring!!!
  210. Anyone else getting banner ads in the middle of posts?
  211. Yesfans on Wikipedia
  212. The skeptics say YESFANS is dead but we hit another MOST EVER.....
  213. Banner ads
  214. I want to put YES into Hall of Fame - but no link
  215. Yesmusic Forum Idea
  216. Yesfans.com after YES
  217. Info-links pop up
  218. 11/26/14 -- we need donations for server fund...........
  219. New yesfans shoppe - new products
  220. The "Ignore" Feature
  221. Is the ALUMNI feature above a work in progress?
  222. SITE OUTAGE 5/4/15 time frame.
  223. Tim!!!
  224. any1 using tapatalk or forum runner for YESFANS?
  225. We do have a chat room
  226. Read me if you have an yesfans email account!!!!!
  227. Yesfans gofundme drive has stalled, please help support your fav site
  228. Faster site now!!!!
  229. Open letter to the site membership! Upcoming changes!
  230. We do have a chat room
  231. 6/3/16 site outage
  232. SPOILERS FOR/FROM ARW: DON'T DO IT: Set lists, songs etc
  233. 8/16/16: Attemping site upgrade this weekend
  234. Jan 5th 2017 outage
  235. yes covers
  236. Who runs "Yesfans.com on Facebook Website"
  237. Christmas ?
  238. Forum reorganisation