Advertising Info And Rates


YES is on tour this coming summer of 2015 which perhaps we would see another "The Three Album Tour" which would generate a lot of interest and drive much more traffic to YESFANS, people to see your ad!!!! 

Now is a great time to have your ad on your favorite site, the YES fan site. 

No cost per click,  no cost per impression ads here.  Pay a minimum one month rate at a really low price.  See rates below!

Advertise on Yesfans!!  Do you have a music related product or any tasteful item that you would like to sell through Yesfans?  If so please consider advertising it on  Anything, it does not have to be Yes related, will be considered.  All ads are subject to review and can be removed if found to be linked to something that does not keep the integrity of intact.



BASIC DEAL CURRENTLY: Rate cost is -- $35.00 a month (typically 50.00).  1 month min, from now through end of the official posted touring (for 2015) info on  Ads located below top Site Logo/Google ads and located at the bottom of every site page.  Ads 780x90 or smaller please.

BEST DEAL CURRENTLY: Rate cost is -- $ 50.00 a month (typically 65.00) 1 month min, for all ad space as listed in the BASIC DEAL above with additional space under last post of every thread above the reply box on the site, that's 1.3 million posts, 46k threads currently!!!!!!!

 *** All ads are subject to being rotated with others if there are more then one to be ran at a time.  ***



Please PM 1yesfan or email the site owner with your questions on setting up your ad or the ad program in general.



Any advertiser that fails to make his or her payment according to the terms above will have their ad removed from the site without notice and may not be put back on the site.  No refunds given for down time of or any other technical issues on Yesfans or the site that the Ad link takes a potential buyer too. is not responsible for any ad and it's content.  All sales are between the ad owner and the buyer.